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Why Us


The Providence Fertility Center provides innovative fertility treatments that help individuals and couples achieve their dream of parenthood. Internationally recognized for our clinical experience, advanced technologies and groundbreaking research, we offer specialized care for the most challenging fertility cases and disorders.

Our goal is to help patients achieve a healthy pregnancy in the shortest time possible.

Why We are Different:


Our Center Combines Two of Nation’s Best Fertility Treatment Providers
Born from an exciting partnership between Boston IVF and IVF New England – The Providence Fertility Center offers the highest level of care from two of the most successful fertility providers in the world.
We offer:

  • access to unique programs for specific conditions
  • access to two of the most successful fertility labs
  • access to clinical trials that offer discounts on treatments
Our Success Rates
Our fertility success rates are 7+ percentage points higher (% of cycles resulting in pregnancies) than any center in the state for women age 35 and under.
We’re the Most Experienced Fertility Center in Rhode Island
With over 75,000 babies born since 1986, The Providence Fertility Center (via Boston IVF & IVF New England’s cutting-edge technologies and leading fertility experts) is the most accomplished fertility center in Rhode Island.

Our History of Fertility “Firsts”

  • 1st IVF/ICSI baby in New England
  • 1st donor egg pregnancy
  • 1st birth in Massachusetts to result from a frozen egg
  • 1st birth for a gay male couple using donor egg
We Specialize in Difficult Cases Our experience and technologies allow us to diagnose and treat difficult cases that other fertility centers cannot handle or consider untreatable. Our 18 experts will come together to review and assist in ALL complex fertility cases.
Our Brown Medical School Affiliation
Our experts also teach the next generation of fertility specialists. Dr. Kerri Luzzo is a Clinical Instructor at Brown University Medical School!
Our Fertility Financing Program
We offer our patients the most thorough financing options – with customized loan programs that help ease the financial stress of treatment.

Our Experts Have Answers!

Kerri LuzzoAvailable via phone or email, Dr. Kerri Luzzo is a valuable resource for individuals and couples in need of knowledgeable fertility treatment information.

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