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Gestational Carrier and IVF

At the Providence Fertility Center we utilize the most advanced technologies to maximize your chance of a successful pregnancy. And, we are committed to delivering the personalized care and support our patients deserve, including serving as a resource for outside agencies like when a surrogate is needed.

Gestational carrier IVF involves having another woman carry the pregnancy.

Surrogacy involves a woman outside of your relationship carry your child in her womb for the duration of the pregnancy, and thus she is called a gestational carrier. There are several reasons you might consider having a gestational carrier:

  • Disorders of the uterus – This could involve anything from a genetic abnormality, such as large uncorrectable fibroids, to a hysterectomy in which your uterus has been remove or you were born without a uterus.
  • Unable to bear a child – Similar to disorders of the uterus, the physiological changes that could occur during a pregnancy, or issues that may be life-threatening, may prevent a woman from carrying her own child.
  • Gestational carrier – Gay male couples or women whose eggs cannot be used because of genetic abnormalities or age-related infertility may also choose to do surrogacy. A donor egg will be used either with the male partner’s sperm, or with donor sperm.

If you are able to use your own egg and sperm, the process is quite simple. The eggs are harvested from the mother, combined with the partner’s sperm in a laboratory setting, and then placed in the uterus of the surrogate.

If a donor sperm or egg is being used, it is a relatively similar process. The couple provides the egg or sperm, it is combined with the donor sperm or egg, and then placed in the uterus of the surrogate.

Where Do You Find A Gestational Carrier?

There are agencies that can help you find a surrogate to carry your baby, and we can put you in touch with them.

Alternatively, if you have a sister or friend who would be willing to carry your child, we will screen them as would be done for an unknown surrogate. If the physical and psychological screening shows no problems, we will work with you and the surrogate to help you have the child of your dreams.

Whether your surrogate carries your biological child or a child conceived through the use of a donor, both the parents and the surrogate are required to go through psychological, medical, and legal counseling. Providence Fertility Center has extensive experience working with surrogates and is able and willing to address each of these areas with the parties involved.