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Donor Egg IVF

If a woman is unable to use her own eggs or a gay male couple wants to have children, donor eggs are a wonderful option for pregnancy.

Our fertility team includes world-class specialists and leaders in the field of reproductive medicine who have helped thousands of couples successfully conceive via donor egg and IVF.

At the Providence Fertility Center, we utilize technologies that will maximize your chance for a successful pregnancy and are committed to providing you with the highest quality of personalized care and support that every patient deserves.

If you have had trouble conceiving using your own eggs or you are a gay male couple, there is an opportunity for you to become pregnant through the use of donor eggs.

You’ll want to consider donor eggs if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Borderline ovarian function
  • Surgical removed ovaries
  • Premature menopause
  • Prior chemotherapy or radiation
  • Multiple unsuccessful in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycles
  • Certain genetic conditions
  • Advanced age, usually in the range of 37-43
  • Gay male couple

When choosing to use donor eggs for fertility, you have several options.

Fresh Donor Egg

A donor can be selected through a donor agency to undergo the process of providing her eggs to a couple by synchronizing their menstruation cycles and having the retrieval from the donor and the IVF cycle, marrying the sperm and egg in the laboratory and soon thereafter inserting the embryo in the recipient’s uterus, occur at the same time without freezing the eggs. This has traditionally been the method for achieving pregnancy, but it can be quite costly and usually takes between 6-12 months or more to find a donor and begin a cycle.

When choosing to use donor eggs for fertility, you have several options.

Frozen Donor Egg

Over the last several years, the process of egg freezing has become a highly safe and effective method of storage. Potential donors are recruited and screened to meet very tight requirements, and if selected, donate their eggs for storage in a reputable egg bank.

If you elect to have IVF with donor egg you can choose from either of our highly reputable egg banks, MyEggBank at IVFNE or Donor Egg Bank USA. You will be able to search through the database, which includes the donor’s general history, ethnicity, reproductive history, education, and occupation, in addition to many other criteria.

The benefit of using frozen donor eggs is that it is a much faster process because you do not have to locate a donor through an agency, work through timing your cycles and more. Usually 3-6-12 months can be saved using a frozen egg bank for the source of your eggs, and there is greater certainty that issues will not arise that throw off the schedule off. Additionally, the cost is substantially less for a frozen donor cycle.

The results of using frozen donor egg are very similar to using fresh donor eggs.

All of the donors at Providence go through rigorous screening to ensure their health, both physically and psychologically. A donor must be between 21 and 32 years old and provide a medical and family history review. They must also undergo a physical examination and testing for genetic and infectious diseases, as well as an interview with our psychologist.

Directed Egg Donation

If you have a friend or relative who wants to donate her eggs to you, this is called a directed egg donation. Directed egg donors must pass the same screening that anonymous donors go through, for the safety of everyone involved, but it means that your baby will be biologically related to someone you know personally.