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Fertility Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage for fertility diagnosis and treatment varies greatly depending on your state of residence, your employment status, and the insurance benefits available to you.

Fertility Insurance Coverage For the majority of people, health insurance usually covers all or a portion of the cost of infertility diagnosis and treatment. The Providence Fertility Center accepts all major insurance plans. However, the reimbursable services may vary considerably depending on the state you live in, the benefits of your particular insurance plan, and the treatment services you may require.

These are some frequently asked questions about fertility insurance coverage:

Will insurance cover my fertility treatment?

Health insurance covers fertility treatments for many patients. If you are a resident of Massachusetts or Rhode Island, there is a mandate that requires insurance companies to cover fertility treatment. However, the services that are covered and the amounts they will pay vary (and self-insured organizations are not required to comply with the mandate.) The initial consultation and tests to find out the cause of infertility are usually covered. Most patients are also covered for more comprehensive treatment.

What if my insurance doesn’t cover treatment or my out-of-pocket costs are too high?

Our financial counselors will work with you to find out exactly what your out-of-pocket costs would be with your insurance plan. If you don’t have health insurance coverage, or if your coverage is not adequate for the treatments you will need, our physicians and financial counselors will discuss alternatives and financing options.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

At the Providence Fertility Center, we are committed to helping our self-pay patients create a fertility-financing plan that will make it possible to stay the course of treatment. From credit card payment to low-interest medical loan programs or multi-cycle discounts, we try our very best to help you find a way to fulfill your dreams of having a baby.

What health insurance plans does Providence Fertility Center accept?

We accept all major insurance plans. In fact, two major insurance carriers, Aetna and United Health Group, have named Providence Fertility Center a preferred provider of fertility services and awarded us their Center of Excellence designation. This recognition reflects the quality of care we provide to our patients, our success rates, and our pricing – for all these criteria, we are the preferred provider in our area. This should give our patients confidence that choosing Providence Fertility Center is the best partner for your journey to parenthood.

Providence Fertility Center is a “Preferred Provider” of fertility services with the following health insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield MA
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield RI
  • Out-of-state Blue Cross Blue Shield plans
  • Tufts
  • Harvard Pilgrim
  • United Healthcare
  • Aetna
  • GIC Indemnity
  • Unicare
  • PHCS
  • Cigna
  • Carelink


* Subject to applicable preauthorization policies and other plan requirements