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combined success stories since 1986

One of the Top Female Doctors in the Country
The Providence Fertility Center features one of the brightest minds in reproductive medicine. Dr. Kerri Luzzo is a Clinical Instructor at Brown University Medical School in Providence.
40 Under Forty!

Dr. Luzzo was recently chosen as a “40 Under Forty” star by Providence Business News. The 40 Under Forty winners were selected based on career success and community involvement. All are young professionals who have committed to making a difference on a local, national or international scale.

Our fertility success rates are 7+ percentage points higher (% of cycles resulting in pregnancies) than any center in the state for women age 35 and under.
Our physicians have successfully treated thousands of fertility cases, many of which were previously considered untreatable by other physicians.


of the nation’s best reproductive endocrinologists, who will come together to review and assist in complex fertility cases.

The combined number of scientific directors, PhD’s, embryologists and laboratory technicians in the Boston IVF & IVF New England network, who will work together to optimize scientific techniques and explore emerging technologies.
The number of IRB clinical studies we are now conducting
For almost three decades, Boston IVF & IVF New England have conducted groundbreaking research that’s contributed to vast improvements in fertility treatment and care.

Our fertility network provides expanded access to more clinical trials and research initiatives, which often offer significant discounts on treatments and medications to patients.
Our current research is investigating better ways to:
• predict embryo viability
• select the ‘best’ sperm
• better diagnose PCOS and endometriosis
• analyze if/how celiac disease affects fertility

Coming Soon to Providence


Also known as estradiol, this hormone is traditionally measured in the blood – but can now be accurately calculated in saliva.

Our fertility doctors and scientists have introduced a cutting-edge, needle-free test that will replace the necessity for daily blood work during a patient’s treatment cycle.

By replacing daily blood draws with a simple saliva (spit) test, we are eliminating one of the most unpleasant and stressful aspects of fertility treatment monitoring.